JA Tango Hamburg - Juan & Anne Tango Hamburg

JA Tango Hamburg - Juan & Anne - Tango Argentino in Hamburg

JA Tango Hamburg - Juan & Anne - Tango Argentino in Hamburg Something  that  is missing can sometimes unleash a passion.    In my childhood I was seldom surrounded by music, nevertheless I was attracted to it. First, I learned to play the piano, then the drums, and finally I was the drummer for ten years in several bands. One of the bands was a professional rock band.

Until my midst twenties when the tango came across me, I didn’t know that something was missing and that I really wanted to dance it. From the first tango lesson I felt it was a great gift  finally being able to do this. Learning each step and everything about it was a real pleasure. Even the tango music enchanted me immediately with its diversity and depth.

Thereafter, there was nothing else I’ll rather do. In order to be able to dance more I moved from Osnabrück to Hamburg. From Anne the musician became a passionate tango dancer.

Years of intensive occupation with tango followed in which I learned tango from different teachers in Germany and later also in Argentine.

Dancing tango I found a possibility to do and artistically express what is important to me in life: build a connection to my opposite, at the same time be open for inspiration and also be independent and especially:  enjoy myself, the other and life.

 Anne Müller. 

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JA Tango Hamburg - Juan Pablo Alonso & Anne Müller Tango Argentino in Hamburg