JA Tango Hamburg - Juan & Anne Tango Hamburg

JA Tango Hamburg - Juan & Anne - Tango Argentino in Hamburg

 Anne and Juan combine in their dance the different personal movements, communication and rhythmic thereby achieving their own style which differentiates them from the others.

The passion they sense united with feeling creates a special atmosphere in their shows. The elegance and power of their steps, are a “milonguero” style oriented adaptation for the show, and without loosing its sensuality make “their tango” worthy of being seen.

In their classes diversion mingles with their pedagogical method in which the student not only learns the steps but also to hear and feel the tango. Laying emphasis on the techniques of dance, the rhythm of tango,  adornments and the surrender of the woman and the waiting  for the marcation of the man.

JA Tango Hamburg - Juan & Anne - Tango Argentino in Hamburg

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JA Tango Hamburg - Juan Pablo Alonso & Anne Müller Tango Argentino in Hamburg